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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 22, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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traffic slows to a crawl as this fire. w÷ú weekend heat, coming cup. a gunman1vnsye/xy'"óñzv kie andzprgjuring hundreds more. >> wake up, america. our police officers are the goo: gave thea5ot3ú%a )$proi sacrifice just olice.i]v: >> innocent people%q running
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by terrorism. i'm kristinç çqúçóyúñymlpzeee. ce to be targeted by terrorists following deadly attacks in nice, france, and orlando, florida. >> the attack happened around 6:00 p.m. munich time outside of a mcdonalds. police are just wrapping up a news conference. they say the shooter, an 18-year-old german of iranian decent killed nine people before turning the gun on himself. >> teenagers are among thex÷vx . it is not clear]i why he did t. condemned the apparent terrorist u obama says thesu.s. pledges to offer assistance to germany. the attack÷ú took place at the olympia shopping thexd site of the munich villag
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where 11 israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed. terrorists. >> leslie brinkley joins us live )ç story.v: leslie? here in berkeley and in shopping centers around the area, they're places where people gather and there is very little security, making it easy for someone with a gun, or a weapon to pull up and take aim. >> seems the focus is shifted from trying to take down an airliner or get into a nuclear plant. it's now going to where crowds gather. >> congressman swalwell ist( on the house intelligence committee and says crowded public places are on the hit list for coordinated and lone wolf terrorist attacks, especially in europe. >> you have someone sympathetic to the cause. thick leave europe, get skills,
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and back back with a greater ynú then, they have multiple cities where they can take out people in an iconic american chain restaurant. >> it makes people apprehensive but it doesn't scare me personally. i thinkçç odds of being a vic are low. >> shoppers expressed shock and sympathy. >> my heart goes out to those who have been harmed. >>çko thisç man worries about terrorism./w.b&.qú3 hearts, hereçjf are with thenbe >> uc berkeley is being asked to make changes following the
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attack. the hoañ page has a link with information on all of the recent çxdv twoçjf uc berkeley studentsym >> i see it is a new opportunity and experience. >> this could be anywhere in the world so it broadens your mind. a student senator is urging the school to be more open about the risks and provide resources. >> the democratic ticket is set. hillary clinton named virginia senator tim cane as her runningv mate. before the senate, cane served as governor and assistant zvñic governor.ñixd
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and never lost an election in his political career, clintonñi this reaction, just got off the phone with hillary. i'm honored. can't wait to hit the traini]ok abc7úym morningymç anchor wie monday. >> firefighters are having a hard time containing a brush fire in santa clarita. temperatures pushed the fire to 2500 acres. it spread fast and homes have been evacuated. the wind has ripped flames into a swirl of fire and smoke. after it started, crews shult down several lanes to keep the fire back.
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one person reported seeing the plume of smoke 80 miles away. >> vac wagss from a fire in vacaville have been lifted. houses near pen adobe park and m 57 acres burned and police tweeted this picture. today's fire sparked as we prepare for the longest heat tbegin.zv ñsñpb.ça look. t(çó and breezy ñikoxdçt(ñz)ñ weather.
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fairfield, temperatures are well into 90s, still, in someb. the weekend. we'll see patchy fog this evening that will melt to almost nothing overnight. clear skies and sunny mild start to the day tomorrow. sunny from coast to inland and that means temperatures are going tomhñiw3i]sore. a day of memorials for two groups. >> one event honors offerst( wh died in the line of duty. the other honors mario okysnwo% z shot and killed by ymçpolice
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>> vick? >> it was organized this morning and it was to remember officers muty.ymçóçñi officersç like the oneshdé@ names areçe1w3 etched here on wall those gathered here remembered their fallen colleagues from attacks in dallas and baton rouge. >> wake up, america. our police officers are the good guys. >> the officer nishg bishgo and sergeant tujamoto. >> san francisco police union president read off names of colleagues, officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. the union says police sergeant
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scott lunger was killed a year ago, today, police were also mourning their losses. officer michael canallingerman and michael johnson, shot to death in december. >> we have been devastatedç by losing two officers. and they mourned those who died across the bay. >> in he can oakland it has been seven years and we're still healing. >> there are officers killed during a manhunt. the message was this. we chose this because we care. this is a calling to us. >> to put their lives on the line for people they don't know.
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>> today is the first official mario woods remembrance day. today would have been his 27th birthday. he was shot in december in the bay view neighborhood abc # news joins us live from the church hosting the memorial.÷ú melanie? >> people began gathering throughout the church and this day set to coincide with mario woods birthday. the first day taking place inside cornerstone church. >> this day represents a healing process for the community. >> across the street, balloons and pictures filled the area where san francisco police shot and killed woods in december. woods had a knife and police said he had been walking towards officers with it.o7k
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there have been several protests since. >> all lives matter but black lives must matter because black lives are being taken. >> everybody is going to have a different take on why and for me, it's going through changes. >> there is reform happening now.s and we don't want anyone to die or get hurt. >> with a lot of the criticism for the supervisors passing this resolution, this has been a hard issue to carry for the city.
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but it's also a turning point. >> remembrance ceremonies continue on saturday with the mario woods celebrationxdht of event. >> donald trump made it political, but one death is still personal. >> where was the sanctuary for >> tonight, kate steinle's family offers their perspective. >> the technology that can predict where problems will happen. it was not afraid to break barriers, and take on the establishment. >> next, remembering the impact dennis green had on and off the dennis green had on and off the
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as question pull out, we have a clear perspective of the area, lots of shopping and the train collision was fatal, a fatality there. the investigation is continuing now. and we'll have updates on the abc7 news ÷úapp. >> dennis green was died. green was a trailblazer in the tight knit community of football
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coaches. we take a look at the trail blazing career. >> this is way a lot of sports fans remember dennis green. a bizarre rant after his cardinals lost to the chicago bears but there was more, starting with his bay area ties. >> i considered myself part ofñ the 49er family. >> dennis green was an assistant under bill walsh in the late 70s. >> we stayed friends over the years, also. so i'm saddened by it. he did a lot for my career. >> and abc7's own sports anchor, mike shumann. >> he was kind of just what you needed. >> after leaving the niners green moved on to stanford, becoming the first african american on the farm and pac12.
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former niner head coach coached him in the pros. >> we learned from the best but he was able to take his style to those programs and make the most of it. >> he said this is just what they were. they're not invincible. he wasç upset he died from a massive heart attack. he was 67. california dental board is investigating last ska saturday's death of a 3-year-old san ramone girl. she died after becoming unresponsive while under the care of a doctor at dental bliss. the board is allowing her to keep the practice open while the investiionñr÷ú is >> police are searching for a driver that hit a pedestrian and
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fled the scene. investigators say a car hit him. the man is now in critical condition. police are lookingçó for a blac town carç and. >> technology can play an important role. >> all by detecting something the eye can't see. >> this is a quick tank to simulate a gas leak< >> you might mistake it for a google maps car, but pg and e has been cruising for gas leaksú before hitting the road, they ypgas.
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the leak shows up as a plumezvñ that records the location. he says the utility began testing during 2014 napa earthquake to help prevent the fires. >> a thousand times more sensitive. >> and now, engineers are miniaturizing and measuring parts per billion every second. >> it's amazing, it's equivalent of having charlie chaplain walking with a stick what utilities are doing today. >> the ceo believes the advanced technology will not only increase safety but could have a
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significant impact. >> you can't fix what you don't measure. and address a really societal issue of green house gas and global warming. >> data is channelled through powerful software. he says the goal is not just learning where leaks are happening but predict what is ahead. >> where do we think they're going to happen. >> state agencies installed versions of the sensors on towers around california. >> here is a live look at a fire in los angeles county, it's grown to 2500 acres and you can see it's mostly hills there.
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homes have been evacuated and a really dry brush in that area. in that county. >> a fire we're dealing within the vacaville area and updating conditions on the fire line. >> that is true. we have hot weather coming our way. dry weather and a long, breezy and this hour low clouds and fog at the coast. we're not seeing it right now. and a risk of clouds. it's 93 in santa rosa.
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napa, 78. and livermore, as we see the forecast triple digit heat is expected inland and this stretch of hot days continue into next week. lows tonight under clear skies and they'll disappear into mid day andoç afternoon hours. these are going to warm up significantly in looking for highs 94 in santa rosa. 97 in concord. 100 in antioch. mid-60s on the coast.
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central coast beaches reach mid to upper 60s. sunshine will be bright. and mild to hot highs upper 90s inland. a slight difference in temperatures monday, just by a few degrees. temperatures bouncing up on tuesday with inland highs in upper 90s to 100. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures monday, it's still going to be warm, talking mid-90s inland. 80s around the bay. this is going to be with us throughout the week. >> spencer, thank you very much. >> improvized shadexd for shap and power. >> next, how this solar field fits into the city's big
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a wide scale solar project leads bay area business watch. this field that can move and tilt towards the son provides palo alto with 5% of electricity needs. it's the third for palo alto. the city's goal is to have solar provide a third of the
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electricity by the end of the year. >> 250 nights were cancelled morning. problems may linger into the weekend, too. all technical issues began wednesday, southwest cancelled about 1800 flights since then. the dow continues to set records, today, closing at 18570. thew3 nasdaq hit 5100 today and >> there has been a shift on the billionaire index. bill gates remains number one at $89 billion. and the first california billionaire is mark zuckerberg, ranking 8th on the list. >> all right. ben higgins wanted to go from being called a bachelor to state representative. >> next, why he is sticking with just one title.
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>> there is not a day that goes by that we don't think about her and miss
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. now to that developing news in germany. we're learning about the shooter behind today's attack. german police finished a news conference just a short time ago. >> they say the shooter is an 18-year-old german of iranianzv decent killed nine people and wounded several more. they believe he was acting alone and is not clear what the motive was. >> the attacks took place at the olympia shopping center and are.
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it's been a little over a year since kate steinle was shot with a undocumented immigrant with a stolen gun. >> it's a story being brought up by politicians. >> where was the sanctuary for kate steinle? >> chris nguyen spoke with steinle's family today. >> it's a place where many people go this bench serves as a reminder of a life cut short. >> she wanted to hear about your day and catch up with a friend or someone she didn't know. >> last july she was walking on the pier with her father when she was shot and killed by a convicted felon in the country illegally. weeks later, family members pushed lawmakers for immigration reform, since then, politicians shared her story and including last night.
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the family says there has been a lot of talk by very little action. >> i don't pay attention to it. they're going to say what they're going to say. i have, you know, no say in what is going to be out out there. >> her big brother is making memories with a family of his oevenlt and. >> she has a little bit of knowing what she wants. she's very independent like kate. she's a steinle and a sage tearis, just like kate. >> this october, the will hold a benefit benefitting two charities important to kate. >> i feel like i have to take the torch and spread the kate effect. she was that person that wanted to give back and help. a family hoping to make an impact on generations still to
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come. >> good for your soul run takes place sunday, october 30th. to learn more about signing up go to our website, >> the vallejo police department went to court to try to get a lawsuit thrown out in a 2015 kidnapping case. the department initially called it a hoax. further investigation led to an arrest. police filed papers saying officers did not overstep bounds during the investigation. the couple's attorney says vallejo continues its misguided approach of blaming victims. >> gilroy police are asking for help to get information about a suspicious death. the call came from a home on sorreno drive after the mother called back to say everything was fine.
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the daughter told the police the mother shot herself. a hit and run accident sent four people to the hospital just about before 2:00 this morning at almaden road. police say the suspect drove off hitting a car that had uber and lyft stickers. officers found the car a mile away. >> the mayor of millbrae says the city will rebuild a pop har community center that burned yesterday. today, people asked if the building was covered by insurance. the city manager says it depends on who components are damaged and is meeting with the city insurance carrier. firefighters declared the fire suspicious. they want help in this case. >> if they see anything and whatever it is, we want to know.
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>> local businesses are stepping up to help groups displaced by the fire. >> the criminal case involving pg and e in a deadly gas line explosion could go to the jury. pg and e is accused of obstructing the investigation. the 2010 blast killed eight people, leveling that neighborhood. testimony in the trial ended today with the defense resting its case. closing arguments are scheduled for tuesday. >> former ku klux klan leader david duke announced he's running for u.s. senate. he wants to represent louisiana. >> i believe in equal rights for all and respects for all americans. what makes me different is that i demand respect for european americans. >> duke served one term as a state representative in the early 90s. he's a convicted felon who spent a year in prison for cheating on his taxes. a star of abc's the bachelor
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dropped his bid for politics. ben higgins saying that quote, i received information that has made such a unworkable pursuit unworkable, that is. higgins chose lauren bushnel is scheduled to appear on a show called "ben & lauren" in october. >> coming up a vintage form of entertainment. >> this is all there used to be. right? it's a radio. people go next to the radio and listen to the drama. >> next, on abc7 news, where it is about the sound, more than the site. >> a woman rented a car unsafe to drive and the rental company billed her for repairs.
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alameda will go back in time in the kauffman auditorium. >> it's an effort to preserve part of history, that is.
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let's go back in time. actors rehearsing for a radio ñ plan.é@ >> this is a benefit for radio day on the bay by california historical radio society. there is more on display. all of the stuff comes from when tools were a maldevelopus technology. trance sifters t&pbn't been invented yet. >> when i talk about radio i holdup this in my hand and i say what is this, kids? they go it's a phone. i'll say what if i were to tell you this is a radio?ç
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>> so welcome back to 1943. a new what tina princess is gracing hollywood. she is a 16-year-old princess that must learn to be a leader before becoming queen. avalor is a kingdom inspir by latin american cultures. you can catch the premier tonight at 7:00 on the disney channel. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> the saying goes you break it, you buy it. right? what
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. have you ever rented a car with mechanical problems? >> michael finney.
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>> her vacation started off poorly when her rental car acted up. the worst part is after she came home. perfection. hawaii. a lagoon, a condo by the sea. her vacation didn't start out peacefully. >> the vehicle. >> they had rented a car from avis. she says it began to stall as they drove from the airport. >> i i didn't feel safe. >> the women had to wait for the tow. they were stuck for a day and a half. >> we couldn't go to the movie. >> they cancelled dinner and delayed touring. linda says avis promised to send a gift card for their troubles. >> three weeks hater we get an envelope from avis.
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and i was excited. >> she opened it and she saw a bill for the repair of the rental car and the tow truck. $424 to fix the car. >> i was astounded.ç i was angry. >> she contacted avis. an agent said she didn't buy insurance. >> you didn't sign up to our insurance andçó had you done th, would you have been covered. >> she kept telling avis the car was malfunctioning when she got it. avis put the charges on her credit card anyway. >> i thought i need to tell him about this. >> she did and i got on it, asking why it charged her, avis reversed charges and would not say why it sent the bill, citing of customers. >> it would not be resolved
7:48 pm
today if it weren't for kgo. thank you. thank you kgo. >> now, i have heard similar reports from other customers, all of a sudden, i'm hearing this complaint more often so i have a request. if you're blamed for a problem you didn't cause, i want you to let me know about it. to do that and to see my reports go to and fill me on on what happened with you. >> very good. >> thank you. >> turning our attention to the weekend forecast. hot, hot. >> i bet a lot of folks are going to go to the beach. >> they probably will and they should. sunny skies prevailing now, how about statewide conditions tomorrow.
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high temperatures back up toç 0 orç better tuesday and wednesd and upper 90s next week. the heat is with us. enjoy it if you can. >> you know who else enjoys sports? >> larry beil is here with everything happening in the world of sports tonight. >> we'll start with giants looking for the cure that ailsx them in the bronx. them in the bronx.
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good evening, madison bumguarder, and carlos with a base hit off of mad bum. beltran makes a catch.
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gregor blanco is out. they reviewed it. looks like finger tips may have gotten off the top of the play. 4th inning, bases loaded for bronco. two town. and right now, giants trailing 2-1 in the 8th. and they are who we thought÷ú ty were. bears are who they thought we fá were. that is why we tookq the team. we let them off the hook. >> sadly deny green passed away. and arizona cardinals and minnesota vikings head coach died of complications following a heart attack. deny green was the only african american to serve as head coach in college and nfl.=) deny was 67 years old.
7:54 pm
>> a lot of bay area talent on and for the week's celebrity government event there. dell curry showing he can fall out of bed andu! make threes. andrew iguadala, six bogeys on the back nine. no birdies. tied for 32 with seven points. better, tied for ninth. little joe had four birdies on the day and in an exclusive interview, says he could have had more. >> the round was ups and towns
7:55 pm
and it never a good feeling. >> dale earnhardt junior will miss his second race because of a concussion. the 88 car will be driven by jeff gordon. gordon drove for over 20 years but admits there are will be nerves going into the race on sunday. >> a little overwhelmed and this is his team. and my goal is to come here to give this team the best effort that i can. >> stage 19 tour de-france.
7:56 pm
look out there. a lot of crashes. a and the race ends sunday in paris. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> join us tonight at 9:00 and at 11:00. virginia senator tim kaine is her running mate. >> southwestern lanes are not open yet tonight. and here is tonight's prime time line up for you, shark tank at
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8:00 and what would you do at 11:00. >> final hi tonight, on the same day when one of the police officers ambushed and killed in louisiana is laid to rest, a gunman opens fire on shoppers in germany, killing nine innocent people. as my dear friend cornell said to me today, we're living at the moment in a world of extremes. the pendulum will swing back in the other direction but we are in an age of terrorism. when at the hands of groups like isis, lone wolf attackers or the dur+nged. today's shooting is the sixth terror related attack in less d-9a-illedó[ when a man drove through a crowd celebrating bastille day in france. it's understandable to want to shut out the news of the day.
7:58 pm
lately it can feel like it's spinning out of control. what really matters is that we be prepared to get worse and more frequent before getting better. but also, remember, it will get better. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us, see you at 9:00 and 11:00. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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